When it comes to picture frames, the aim is simple. You want a frame that shows off the photo, picture or print in style. Yes, the colour or design of the frame may need to be in keeping with the general style and décor of the room it is to be placed in. However, it’s really all about how the image looks.

This is why all our cheap picture mounts are cut, punched and scored to make picture framing a complete doddle for you. Our mounts – cut to size using a CMC computerised cutter – will make sure all your photos and pictures stay protected and looking good all day long and for years to come.

Practicality and Style

The main function of a picture mount is a practical one. It protects and separates the photo or print from the glass, ensuring that static electricity does not form. This can make a photo stick to the glass. Not only that, but a picture mount will also protect the picture from dust and dirt, which will undoubtedly accumulate over time.

But a picture mount also adds to the style of any display. A mount fills the space from the edge of the photo to the edge of the frame. They are simple but you can choose from our wide selection to offer contrast with any type of frame. Put simply, if you want your picture to look appealing and attractive, you need to choose a suitable picture mount.

What’s more, it makes it easy for you to interchange photos in a frame as often as you like.

All in all, a picture mount is a simple item but one that should never be forgotten. It will help you to display your photos and in style. Don’t forget, a picture mount also means that you will be able to swap photos between frames whenever you want to with simplicity and ease.

Ultimately, it’s all about peace of mind. With our cheap picture mounts, you can be sure that a picture or photo will look as good as possible. You don’t have to worry any longer about dust. You can be confident that the picture won’t slip in the frame. Nothing is going to spoil the overall appearance of your photos with cheap picture mounts from Wholesale Picture Frames.

At Wholesale Picture Frames, bulk discounts are available to schools, students, artists, and photographers. Choose us for your cheap picture mounts at competitive prices.

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